7x9 Willow Wood Picture Frame Unique Handmade Photo Frame




This is an elegant wood photo frame, though not a typical picture frame. A peculiar 7x9 wooden frame, this one. This handcrafted 7x9 wood frame is built in 2 layers. The basic frame is made, and then a second "layer" is added, adding pieces to the top face. It comes with removable glass, backing and hanger. This frame makes a beautifullly unique gift, indeed.

Each unique photo frame is actually unique. In other words, you will be the only person who has this rather rustic 7x9 photo frame. Furthermore, it is a new frame every time you turn it a different way. Because of this, the included hanger is removable, so you can remove a landscape photo, turn the frame, and you have an instant wood portrait frame.

The wood for each wood frame in this shop was cunningly plucked by me (Craig) from a beach in the Southwestern corner of British Columbia, Canada, where I live.

The only tools used to make this wooden picture frame were a table saw to cut the rabbet grooves in the back that hold the art or photo and the glass and backing; a mitre saw, a chisel, and a measuring tape.

Artist Choice Ultra Clear glass is included with this elegant wood frame. It protects while preserving clarity and true color transmission, without the green tint of ordinary glass.

All of the wood used to build this rustic wooden frame was carefully searched for and harvested.

Each unique wooden photo frame, including this 7x9 driftwood frame is crafted from stocks of wood that I have deliberately set out to find. Each piece needs to stand out as being peculiar in shape and texture, as well as coloring and grain patterns.

Finding the wood is often the most difficult and time-consuming part of the process. (by saying this I do not mean to suggest that it is at all an un-enjoyable part... searching for wood for the driftwood frame, in particular, is quite a lot of fun...).

There is then as much care and diligence put into the crafting process. There is much deliberation in the details, without compromising the beauty of any of the natural irregularities of the wood.

There are few "products" used (wood glue, oil and lacquer, for the most part) in this 7x9 photo frame, and the bulk of the work is performed by hand.

In short, I go on a wood-harvesting odyssey, find the wood, study it briefly, and then, using a tablesaw and a chisel, remove everything that doesn't look like a beautifully unique and amazing picture frame!

The pricing for each frame is determined by:

a) the time put in to making it
b) the size of the glass
c) the amount and type of wood used (some of the wood, such as the diamond willow wood, and some driftwood, is harder
to find and/or more difficult to work with)

As far as custom frames, if you are looking to have, for example, a wooden portrait frame custom made, or a special size willow wood frame for a 9th anniversary gift that you have a piece in mind for which has odd dimensions, I happily do custom orders. Besides the popular frame / standard frame sizes typically among my listings, I can build a frame custom for you up to 11x14.

Thank you for your interest in my product, and taking the time to read all of this.

Blessings to you!


Willow Wood Picture Frame Handmade Live Edge Photo Frame 7x9

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