Tall Tales: Craig's Stories Behind His Unique Handmade Wooden Picture Frames

Updated: Nov 7

The Legends of Craig's Wood-Hunting Odysseys, and How His Unique Wooden Photo Frames Are Made.

It is strongly suspected that these tales are not entirely true... You'll have to judge for yourself...

Diamond Willow Frame 8x10

This frame was made with so much love that it will melt if exposed to direct sunlight for any substantial length of time. Just kidding. It is made entirely from wood.

The wood is from a beaver dam I ran into with my pirate ship, while cruising for damsels.

Diamond Willow Wood 8x12 Picture Frame

This diamond willow wood 8x12 frame sounds really good when you bang on it with a frozen wiener.

You know what else sounds good when you bang on it? A drum!

Actually, my drumming style has been likened (by me) to, "Blistering, skin-spanking thunder-bombs, slamming thru your skull like a barrage of rapid-fire sledgehammers tempered in the fires of Mordor, yet with the textured finesse and artful nuance of an octopus doing Tai Chi."

Driftwood 6x8 Picture Frame

This is a favorite driftwood frame.

I ran out of sand paper halfway through finishing this one, and had to rub the wood against a speaker playing a recording of a Bonnie Tyler song.

I might start putting a "Made in Canada" tag on these, just so nobody would suspect they just grow wild, in somewhere like Kathmandu, or Arkansas.

Actually, the wood in this unique frame was imported from a country that only I know about.

8x12 Custom Picture Frame- Driftwood

The profits from the sale of this frame will be donated to a charity called "frame-makers with burned-out table saw motors". I am the founder and only known member of this organization, so far.

Burned out table saw motors affect everyone.

Please. Make a difference.

8x12 Custom Made Frame - Root Wood

I really liked this root wood frame. I have a photo of my beloved pet baby that would have looked great in it.

I wasn't going to sell it, but I was forced at gun-point by illegal Norwegian nihilist vegans to sell it to them - at a discount, no less!

Unique Photo Frame, Indeed - Driftwood 5x7

The wood from which this unique photo frame was made was once from a tree near an old fire hall that partially burnt down, before it became drift wood. The wood, that is. Not the fire hall.

Ok, not really, but wouldn't that be ironic?

Yes it would, Alanis Morissette, unlike anything in your song.

By the way, the most excellently ironic thing that ever happened to me was tripping over a danger sign. That is ironic!

Okay, but get this: I was walking through a hospital at the time!

That actually is a true story.

Custom Wood Frames - 8x10

The wood in this frame is from Cochrane, Alberta, where I once lived.

Actually, I five-times lived there. It kept sucking me back.

On a totally unrelated note, I would like to say that God does not believe in atheists.

Willow Wood Custom Made Frame 11x14

This 11x14 frame is called "Reclaimed", because:

The frame was stolen from my shop, and fortunately, I was able (through a bit of investigative gleaning) to deduce who the thief was (because as well as being an artisan, photographer, creek pirate, Samurai warrior and fighter jet pilot, I am also a certified private detective) and, with the aid of a fake, but very real looking water pistol (yes, it wasn't even a real water pistol, but it looked like a real .44 Magnum), I was able to "re-claim" this particular frame.

Diamond Willow Wood Frame 8x10

This frame was very special to me.

I forget why...

Unique Frame - Driftwood 8x10

A building on the beach from which the wood for this frame was harvested once housed a very secret and special species of animal. It's breeders paired up--believe it or not--a sea lion... and a chicken.

The animal was bred for it's meat, but ironically, unlike most obscure meats, it tasted nothing like chicken.

Nor did it taste like sea lion. In fact, it had a flavor much like pygmy marmoset, which, as you know, is delicious, but a little greasy.

Dark Willow Wood Photo Frame 5x7

I recently found out that using a chainsaw left-handed (they only make right-handed ones) is EXTREMELY dangerous.

WOW. To think of all those hundreds of times I nearly shredded myself into a pile of bloody carnage, or cut a bunch of passers-by’s heads off!!

Dark Driftwood Frame 5x7

A couple years ago, I was smack in the middle of fighting pirates on the mighty Fraser River in Western British Columbia, when I reached for a soggy, grey stock of wood as the only thing within my reach to replace the sword knocked out of my hand by the last remaining salty, one-eyed sea-bandit I hadn't sent overboard, crying.

He had his own steely, gleaming weapon poised at my jugular, foot pressed against my chest, growling raucously down at me the word "ARE!".

I managed to retort with a hoarsely discordant, "ARE NOT!!" and whacked him over the head with the very piece of wood that the frame you are looking at was made from, knocking him overboard and saving the lovely damsel-maiden who happened to be there and in some kind of distress.

Together, we returned all of the plunder to the townspeople, and lived blissfully-ever-onward, intermittently, before it all went bitterly sideways and now I am alone, penniless and bitter.

I am presently hoping to get hit by a bus, or contract some kind of pa