Custom Picture Frames Online
We stock standard photo frames in typical frame sizes or will build custom picture frames, including custom canvas floater frames.

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Craig's Process: 
From a fallen chunk of tree
to a stunning piece
of elegant wood decor.

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All of the wood used to build these elegantly rustic wood frames is carefully searched for and harvested.

Each frame is crafted from stocks of wood that the crafter himself has deliberately set out to find. Each piece needs to stand out as being peculiar in shape and texture, as well as coloring and grain patterns.


When you order custom picture frames online from Craig's Unique Frames, you are going to receive quality wooden frames to which the utmost diligence and care have been given, throughout the entirety of the process.

Although perhaps Craig's favorite part of the process, finding the wood is often the most difficult and time-consuming part.

There is then as much care and diligence put into the crafting process. There is much deliberation in the details, without compromising the beauty of any of the natural irregularities of the wood.

There are few "products" used (wood glue and lacquer, for the most part), and the bulk of the work is performed by hand.

In short, Craig goes on a wood-harvesting odyssey, finds the wood, studies it briefly, and then, using a couple of saws and a chisel, removes everything that doesn't look like a beautifully amazing and unique picture frame!  Shop Current Stock

Read the legendary tales (many of which are, shall we say... unfounded...?) of Craig's adventures hunting for wood and the stories behind some of his frames. If nothing else, they are certainly entertaining, but most definitely stories!

These wooden frames are just raw wood, lightly chiseled and sanded, with a light covering of lacquer, to seal them and bring out the color and contrast. Each comes with removable glass, backing and hanger. 

Artist Choice Ultra Clear glass is included with these frames. It protects without sacrificing the clarity of your artwork or photograph. The true colors of your framed project will come through clearly, without the green tint of ordinary glass. Great clarity, true color transmission.

If you are looking for unique portrait frames, for example, you will find in our shop unique portrait frames, indeed. In other words, you will truly be the only person who has your frame! Each one of the several wooden frames crafted each week are an original photo frame design. 

Furthermore, it is a new frame every time you turn it a different way. Because of this, the included hanger is removable, so you can hang your frame however you like it best, and turn it if you decide to put a different photo in it down the road, and maybe that picture is of a different orientation than the prior one (i.e: "landscape" vs. "portrait"). "Flex-points" allow very easy removal of glass and backing. 

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The pricing for each frame is determined by:

a) the time put in to making it
b)the picture frame size and dimensions
c)the amount and type of wood used (some wood is harder to find and/or more difficult to work with)

YES, Craig will make custom canvas floater frames, up to 11x14 in size.

Thank you for your interest in these handcrafted picture frames, taking the time to read about the process and considering ordering one or more pre-made or one-of-a-kind custom picture frames online from us (they ship fast!). Blessings to you!