Each of these unique

                                            live edge picture frames

                      is actually unique.

             In other words, you will be the only person

who has your particular creative wood photo frame!

Furthermore, it is a new frame every time

you turn it a different way. Because of this,

the included hanger is removable,

so you can hang your custom handmade frame

however you like it best.


Flex-points allow easy removal of glass and backing.

unique picture frames

"Beautiful!!! ...I Love them!!!!
Super excited--Your work is exquisite! 
    Thank you !!"
-Gina D. -Ashland, OR, USA

The pricing for each of these cool

wooden picture frames is determined by:

a) the time put in to making it,

b) the size of the glass, and

c) the amount and type of wood used

(some of the wood, such as

the diamond willow wood, and some driftwood,

is harder to find and/or more difficult with

which to work).

Each of these lovely, handcrafted wood

photo frames comes with Artist Choice

Ultra Clear glass, backing and hanger.

Order unique handmade wooden picture frames online or your custom canvas floater frames direct from our store today, and we’ll ship them right to your door. 

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Wood Frames for Canvas Prints?

Craig uses several different types of wood for crafting these unique wood picture frames, including diamond willow wood, as well as driftwood, root wood, and even old fence posts.

Real barn wood frames are also available, and are made from real, old barn wood and other reclaimed or repurposed wood. Custom float frames for canvas paintings are also available.

Each of these handcrafted wood photo frames are assembled, sanded and finished by hand.

All of Craig's uniquely shaped picture frames make unique family portrait frames, which are great if you have a "unique" family, like some of us...

These "live edge" frames are also a wonderful wedding gift or wood gift for 9th anniversary (the diamond willow wood frames are a popular seller for that occasion), and are a different frame every time you turn them! 

And yes, Wood Frames for canvas prints are available

Common picture frame sizes are 4x6, 5x7, 6x8, 6x9, 7x9, 8x10, 8x12, 9x12, 10x13

and custom frames any size in between and up to an 11x14 frame size can be ordered.

These frames also work stunningly as float frames for canvas paintings or other art frames, and many of our customers order custom wood picture frames online from us for framing awards, wedding vows, or other special documents.

Craig will make custom canvas floater frames for canvas.

Craigs Unique Frames-unique-wood-frames-canada
Willow Wood 8x10 Frame_edited_edited.jpg

  Custom Made Frames :

If you are looking to have, for example, unique live edge picture frames custom made as a unique family portrait frame, or a custom size willow wood gift for a 9th anniversary that you have a photo or art piece in mind for which has odd dimensions,

Craig will happily fix you up with such a custom made frame.

Besides the common picture frame sizes typically among the listings, Craig can build custom made frames for you up to an 11x14 frame size, including custom float frames for canvas paintings.

Take a look at some of the different handcrafted photo frame styles here.


craig's-unique-frames-custom made pictur

All of the wood used to build these elegantly rustic wood frames is carefully

searched for and harvested. Each frame is crafted from stocks of wood that

the crafter himself has deliberately set out to find.


Each piece needs to stand out as being peculiar in shape and texture,

as well as coloring and grain patterns.

There is then as much care and diligence put into the crafting process.

There is much deliberation in the details, without compromising the beauty

of any of the natural irregularities of the wood.

When you order custom picture frames online from Craig's Unique Frames,

you are going to receive quality wooden picture frames to which

the utmost diligence and care have been given, throughout the entirety of the process.​

Read the legendary tales (many of which are, shall we say... unfounded...?)

of Craig's adventures hunting for wood and the stories behind some of his frames.

Thank you for your interest in these unique frames, and for taking the time

to read all of this.


Be Blessed!

Unusual Handcrafted Wood Picture Frame 8
Handcrafted Wood Photo Frame 8x10 Diamon

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My name is Craig Johnstone. I am a Canadian Christ-seeking, truck driving photographer, artist, air-sculptor, time decorator, Indie Rock artist, Earth-dweller and overcomer, currently living in or near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I also build unique, handcrafted wood picture frames. I started building these frames in 2011, while living in the sticks for a spell and discovering Diamond Willow wood. The frames I made with it quickly became very popular with the people around me, and I began to sell them at Farmer's markets, etc. I began to also build frames out of barn board, root wood, driftwood and fence posts. They all received much more attention and praise than I ever would have expected, and it was becoming more than feasible that I could sell them full time. Then things happened, as they do, and I was without the tools, equipment and space to be able to continue building them, for about 2 years. Well, a series of blessings has allowed me to now continue again, with what is one of my favorite things to do... building unique frames for the wonderful people who seem to enjoy them! One of my driftwood frames was to be featured on the UK TV show "Crafty Beggars", a couple of years ago, but they ended up having to cut it from the show, sadly. On the bright side, I guess I still have my 15 minutes coming to me... :)